Start of Semester Resources for Faculty and Staff


Contact information for all things IT related

The start of the semester is always a little chaotic. There is a lot to do to get settled back into university life. To help sort through the commotion, UITS has compiled a list for all returning and new faculty and staff. The list contains links, guides, reminders, and contact information for all things IT related, such as new updates to the NetID system or how to request a HuskyCT page for courses. Click on any of the links below to get started, but bear in mind that you’ll need to have administrative rights on your PC to make any software changes, in which case your local IT support group can make any and all configurations for you.

And have a great semester.


You may have been assigned a HuskyPC, in either the form of a desktop or laptop, from your department or unit. If you’re encountering any issues regarding hardware, software, or internet connectivity, contact your local IT support group or the Help Desk at either or 860.486.4357.


Don’t forget to install SafeConnect, the University’s network access control software—otherwise you might not be able to connect to the UConn network.

UConn Root Certificate

Install the UConn Root Certificate to securely navigate through all of UConn’s websites. The Root Certificate will also identify you and save you from installing a separate security certificate for each separate secure UConn website you visit.


If your Microsoft Exchange account (the account you use to access Microsoft Outlook, the University’s email service) hasn’t been set up yet, go to the Exchange website to install and set up your account. You’ll need an Exchange account to access both Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Lync. Some schools (Engineering, Business, and Law) provide local email accounts; please check with your local IT support group if you’re involved with any of these schools. You can also check your email through a web browser—no software needed.


NetID accounts are used to access a number of systems and services across the University. There have been some changes to the NetID system, such as replacing Student Admin accounts as well as new password requirements.

Student Administration System

For instructors, make sure to access and familiarize yourself with the Student Administration System. Student Admin is the University’s registration system and is used to plan classes, request HuskyCT courses, view class and weekly schedules, view class rosters, and record mid-term and final grades. If you’re encountering any issues, contact the Registrar’s Office by either or 860.486.3331.


HuskyCT is the online course environment used by the University to allow instructors and students easily communicate with one another. Follow this guide to request a HuskyCT page for your class. If you need any help, contact the Instructional Resource Center at either or 860.486.5052.


SkyBox is the University’s virtual computer lab service that allows you to use UConn software and resources from anywhere in the world.


HuskyTech is the University IT support group for students. If you’re an instructor, keep this resource in mind for your students if you notice them experiencing any difficulties with their technology.

Off-campus Access

If you’re off campus and need to access the UConn network, the VPN is here to work for you. The VPN allows you to access the UConn network from an outside internet connection. Or, if you’d rather, you can set up Microsoft’s Secure Remote Desktop Access feature on your HuskyPC.

Mobile app

Be sure to download the official UConn app, myUConn. The app allows you to access the UConn directory, daily digest, bus tracker, and many other features straight from your smart phone. It also comes with a map of the UConn Storrs campus.

Exclusive Software Deals

Check out the UITS software deals offered at discounted prices to faculty and staff. Get Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Windows 8 for only $9.75. Also, be sure to visit the Software Licensing Group’s website to learn more about the types of software available.


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