Electronic Signatures – eSignLive

UITS supports eSignLive, a system that creates electronic signatures, or e-signatures. An electronic signature is a legally binding digital mechanism that unambiguously indicates that a person acknowledges and adopts the contents of a message. Our e-signature service can be utilized to streamline processes and reduce delays associated with paper-based, desk-to-desk signature based activities. It can facilitate one-time or repeat processes through simple or template-based workflows. Once configured for your specific use, eSignLive will securely route documents/forms via email, gather signatures, and save the results locally or within the product’s cloud storage.

Available to: University departments, schools and colleges
Accessible from: Any browser / cloud based
Cost: Product install and support is subsidized; cost per transaction will be charged annually.
Service Manager: Robert Rowland
More Information: esignature.uconn.edu
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