Accounts & Access

Identity & Access Provides secure access to IT systems and applications.
Secure Remote Desktop Access Access your work computer remotely.
Secure Shell (SSH) Gateway Access university-owned computers remotely through SSH
VPN Provides secure network access from outside of the University.

Desktop Support

Identity Finder Assists in finding and protecting sensitive user data on computers.
Antivirus and Malware Prevents and removes malicious software.
Encryption Provides full-disk encryption software.
HuskyPC Provides standard desktops and laptops for employees.
Security Awareness Training Provides online video-based training for faculty, staff, and student employees.

Email & Calendar

Spam and Virus Prevention Provides automated intervention to reduce unwanted email.
Mass Mailing Provides a mass mail service for UConn users with a service account.
Microsoft Office365 Email Provides faculty and staff email and calendar services.
Gmail & Calendar Provides students email and calendar services.
Personal Name Management Enables UConn faculty, staff, and students to create personalized e-mail aliases in addition to the name assigned to them by the University.

File Services

Microsoft OneDrive  Provides unlimited, virtual file storage.
Google Drive Provides virtual file storage up to 15GBs.
Enterprise File Services Offers secure computer file sharing and storage.
FileLocker Large File Transfer Offers the capability to share large files up to 2GB.
FTP Provides file transfer across networks.


Licensing & Distribution Assesses software needs, negotiates licences and distributes software to the University community.
SkyBox Virtual Lab Provides access to key software applications that are used in the classroom.


Data Network

Cabling & Wiring Provides telecommunications outside plant cabling and indoor premise wiring.
Wired Network Provides wired network access to University resources and the Internet.
Wireless Network Provides wireless network access to University resources and the Internet.


HuskyVision Offers video access to over 70 channels of academic, educational and entertainment programming.


Automatic Call Distribution Provides management of large volume of incoming phone calls.
Cellular & Mobile Devices Offers cellular and broadband services, devices and accessories.
Phone Provides telephone services, phone sets, accessories, audio conferencing, and emergency phones.
Voicemail Provides the capability to exchange personal voice messages and to select and deliver voice information.


Firewall Provides a central firewall service for departmental use.
Security Awareness Training Provides online video-based training for faculty, staff, and student employees.
VPN Provides secure network access from outside of the University.

Web/Video Conferencing Provides multiple options for web and video conferencing.
HuskyCT Learning Management System Provides the University with an e-learning environment.
Hi-Tech Classrooms Provides technology support to the University’s classrooms.
Test Score Scanning Provides results of student exams, research surveys, and faculty evaluations.
AdvApp Offers students and advisors the capability to make, lookup, or cancel appointments.
Advising Notes System Offers advisors the capability to make notes on their advisees.



Data Backup & File Restore Offers centralized storage backup and restoration services.


Splunk Logging Services Provides the ability to collect, store, and search log data generated by IT systems or applications.
Virtualization/Infrastructure as a Service Offers Virtual Machines in UITS’ VMWare environment.
Vulnerability Assessment Provides a hosted risk application allowing departments to perform an information risk assessment.

Data Center

Badge Access Request proxy badge access to UITS Data Centers and common UITS areas.
Co-location Provides the infrastructure necessary to house, secure, maintain, and operate University equipment.
Equipment Installation Request UITS Data Center equipment installation, modification, decommission, or move.
Monitoring Provides the ability to observe and check the availability and status of specific server, network and infrastructure systems.
Network Cabling Request UITS Data Center network cable installation, moving, securing and terminating.
Remote Hands Request diagnostic & cable signal testing, visual verification of circuits, loops and fibers.

Enterprise File Services Offers secure computer file sharing and storage.
High Performance Computing Provides UConn researchers with the computing power to manipulate, analyze, and store massive amounts of data at high speed.
Virtualization Infrastructure Provides approved customers a virtual machine (VM) with customized storage, RAM, processors, and administration rights.
Vulnerability Assessment Provides a hosted application allowing departments to perform an information risk assessment.


Web & Collaboration

Aurora Web Content Management Provides a centrally managed, secure, and easy way to build and maintain websites using WordPress.
Document/Content Management – FileNet Offers a secure, searchable electronic repository using IBM’s Enterprise Content Management(ECM) technologies. ECM includes the DataCap scanning software which front-ends the FileNet repository.
Electronic Signatures – eSignLive eSignLive creates a legally binding electronic signature that can be used to streamline processes and facilitate one-time or repeat processes through simple or template-based workflows.
Events Calendar Application Offers the capability for departments to set up their own calendar where they can add, edit, approve, and delete events.
Google Apps Provides students, faculty, and staff an enterprise cloud-based suite of tools.
ListServ Distribution List Provides the capability to create and maintain email lists through a web interface.
Soapbox Announcement System Offers the capability to send out announcements specific to schools, colleges, divisions or departments.
Workflow Application Development Provides custom workflow applications using IBM Forms Experience Builder to automate business processes.

Data Warehouse and Reporting Services

Data Warehouse Development, Support & Reporting Services Provides Data Warehouse development and support for SADM, KFMD, and HCMDM. Provides Reporting administration and expertise for WebFOCUS, Hyperion and OBIEE.

Administrative Applications

Financial System – Kuali Provides a comprehensive suite of financial software built on an open-source platform.
HR & Payroll System Supports employee and payroll functions.
HuskyTime Application Supports student employee and payroll functions.
Integrated Workplace Management System – FAMIS Supports the University’s space management and other functions which relate to the lifecycle of location based assets.
Ticketing System – Service IT Provides a ticketing portal for users to submit both service requests and work incidents.
Student Administration System Organizes and distributes student data to the departments at the Storrs and regional campuses and professional schools.

Development Tools

Solution Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Tools Provides tools to help manage the SDLC process.

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