WebEx Web Conferencing

Attending a Meeting

Prior to joining the WebEx meeting, attendees should have received a weblink or email that directs you to a WebEx meeting page. This webpage will contain the date and time of the meeting, the meeting number, and the audio information for joining via telephone.

To verify that you can connect to WebEx you can attend a test meeting at http://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html


After clicking on the URL to join your WebEx conference, you will be prompted to enter in your name and email address to join.

attend a meeting image


If you haven’t joined a WebEx prior to this point, you will be prompted to install a plugin for your browser. If you’re unable to install this plugin, you may run a temporary application as an alternative option. (Note: The temporary application does not require administrator rights to the computer to run.)

Once you have joined the WebEx, you need to join the audio portion. Choose from the available options to connect to the audio conference.

audio conference image


  • Using headphones/headsets vastly improve audio quality such as echo, background noises, etc.
  • Muting your microphone when not speaking also helps improve audio quality of the conference.

To leave the WebEx, simply close out of the program.