Enterprise Infrastructure


Data Backup & File Restore Offers centralized storage backup and restoration services.


Splunk Logging Services Provides the ability to collect, store, and search log data generated by IT systems or applications.
Virtualization/Infrastructure as a Service Offers Virtual Machines in UITS’ VMWare environment.
Vulnerability Assessment Provides a hosted risk application allowing departments to perform an information risk assessment.

Data Center

Badge Access Request proxy badge access to UITS Data Centers and common UITS areas.
Co-location Provides the infrastructure necessary to house, secure, maintain, and operate University equipment.
Equipment Installation Request UITS Data Center equipment installation, modification, decommission, or move.
Monitoring Provides the ability to observe and check the availability and status of specific server, network and infrastructure systems.
Network Cabling Request UITS Data Center network cable installation, moving, securing and terminating.
Remote Hands Request diagnostic & cable signal testing, visual verification of circuits, loops and fibers.

Data Management

Database Hosting Service Provides a secure, stable, and professionally managed centralized database hosting service.

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